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 Cable Providers Suck

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PostSubject: Cable Providers Suck   Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:18 am

They provide a service but... They define the service.

DNS is the official site for domain addresses on the internet but the cable
companies ineptly get in the way. The browser goes there to convert a
domain name into the numbered domain.

I'm mention Rock's internet provider first. Try to go the the correct server
for and the DNS service tells it the real address
is but Rock's doesn't go there and it's
own DNS records aren't updated like the official domain so it goes to
Bluehost where I've been gone for almost two years.

Proof. Go to google and put in and click the cache version
and google knows where it is and goes to their copy of it.

Comcast has taken over the 404 error page, you'll never see it again on
Comcast now. Whether correctly or incorrectly, it goes to a Comcast page.
They have a place to disable the "domain helper service" but it doesn't
work. Took some screenshots:
My Comcast R Shit Page
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Cable Providers Suck
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