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 Debt Ceiling

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PostSubject: Debt Ceiling   Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:54 am

This debt ceiling fiasco is ridiculous. Both parties are to blame. With that said, I put more blame on the repubs.. Embarrasing that Boehner has wasted 3 days trying to pass a plan that has no chance in the Senate and or will be vetoed. I've long said our problem is on the spending side and not the revenue side but I was OK with a balanced approach including some sort of broadening of the tax base..This problem is too big not to include revenue and spending choices.
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PostSubject: Re: Debt Ceiling   Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:16 am

It's the Republicans and the tea party nuts. Although the Democrats aren't anything to
brag about either.

We need to raise the debt ceiling. Period. The republicans made it something else by
saying they'd only do what we need to do if they could get their concessions.

Boner tried to get a Republican plan agreed on but the new tea party candidates won't
accept business as usual but can't do any so seem to be for nothing and the Repubs
couldn't even pass it so he aborted.

Put the tea party in there and they'll shut it down.

Dems would have put on a show, looking bothered and hesitant and like they'd worked
hard thinking about it but they would have raised the debt ceiling by itself. Probably
won't go with the Repub plan to cut the budget since they joined it to the process.

Obama one upped them with hist 4 trillion cut proposal but should have held the high
ground and just kept it simple, raise the debt ceiling period.

It's not a big deal and doesn't require the deficit cuts with it, they've raised the ceiling eleven
times since they passed it and it's not working anyway. They don't need a debt ceiling and
shouldn't even be talking about not raising it. They need to quit spending too much
money, not arguing about the ceiling. They set up the ceiling to start with like it was a big
deal and nothing changed. It does't work for that, only to choke the US when they get up
to it.
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Debt Ceiling
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