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 Allegeny Airline Ticket

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PostSubject: Allegeny Airline Ticket   Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:17 pm

Helen went over to Diane's house to get her to help buy the airline tickets. She was there a couple of hours but they got it hung someway and it wouldn't take off something it had on there already. Failed.

Yesterday I told her I knew how to work the computer if she knew how to book the tickets. She said "might as well" so we did. They did add extra things that had to be removed but I got it done ok. They sent her something to print with all the info on it and she forwared it to Diane to get her to print it. She did and Helen has it now.

The funny part, it has all the information on it but at the top it says:

"Would you print this for me Diane?
We finally got it but it kept putting on extra charges that we had to take off"

I guess they'll get a chuckle out of that when Helen produces it.
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Allegeny Airline Ticket
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