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 Dual Boot - Windows 7 + Windows 8

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PostSubject: Dual Boot - Windows 7 + Windows 8   Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:26 am

Figured I'd try it in Virtualbox, that's so bad that if it works there it'll probably work anywhere.
REally nice cleaned up Boot Manager, Kevin pointed out that it's tablet friendly, guess that's
why they did it.

Not sure yet but I know I'll want to try out the beta when it comes out anyway and I expcet
the Dell restore would put it back to the old OEM install if I wanted to. Don't really want to
now though since the guarantee has run out. I'd just do my own install if I tired of 8.

Page with Boot Sreen and more 8 pics
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Dual Boot - Windows 7 + Windows 8
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