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 Jo Came Over

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PostSubject: Jo Came Over   Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:57 pm

She called first and I don't know why I answered the phone
Helen was outside and I usually don't, she doesn't want the
phone and gets mad if I take it out to her but I wasn't about
to anyway.

Then she came over and sat down and started running her
mouth and somewhere along the line she wanted to look
at an article that Helen had layed out for Diane and didn't
have her glasses so Helen let her use her pair and when Jo
finally left we didn't want to question it but then Helen
couldn't find her glasses and she said I know Jo took my
glasses. She called and Rick answered the phone.
(Ok, Rick doesn't answer the phone so he's in on it to.
This is one of their joint efforts)

He said he hadn't seen Jo (lie) and he saw a pair of glasses and
he'd bring them out for her to see, he did, Helen met him in
his driveway and it was Jo's old pair. She came home and
said I wonder where Jo is. She'd been gone over two hours.
Well she called in a little bit and when Helen asked about the
glasses she said no, she hadn't taken them, she'd layed them
right back down.
We knew better but started looking all over again and in a
few minutes Jo knocked on the door and Helen said who's
that. I said Maybe somebody is bringing you your glasses.
I opened the door and it was Jo with the glasses. At least
she didn't stay long that time.
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Jo Came Over
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