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 Skype Phone Adapter $30

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PostSubject: Skype Phone Adapter $30   Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:18 am

I was checking out the competition and ran across a special from Skype
(buy from Groupon though) for a phone adapter, $35 off for two more
days. $30 right now and comes with one year US and Canada free calls.
Gotta be the best deal going now for one year. Their goal of course is to
sell you future service at twice the cost of magicJack or NetTALK which
are $30 a year. Skype wants $60 a year. The adapter does plug into the
router instead of a computer.

Microsoft did buy Skype, it's mentioned on Skype's site, so they can
afford this special.

NetTALK is just a magicJack in a different wrapper, it can plug directly
into the wall wart. It's just $10 more for the initial purchase. It may
just be a shell company run by magicJack, I don't know that though.

The product site at Groupon
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Skype Phone Adapter $30
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