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PostSubject: DropGallery   Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:48 pm

It's for pictures of course but is supposed to work like Dropbox for pictures.
I don't really compare it to Dropbox and it doesn't work like it. It does
put your pictures online, says it's synced but I just have it on one user
account on one machine so far so I can't swear to it downloading it to
another machine. Probably does that just fine though. I put some of my
wife's old Italy pictures up, I see now I should have created a folder for

Makes it's folder in your picture folder but you have to open the program
and drag and drop your photos into the little box. Control+A and drag.
They do drop, the default action is to move them, not copy them.

You install then sign up, sign up is real easy, no captchas or tricks, no
special characters needed for a password. There's a lot of services out
there but this one's pretty nice if you can put it on another user account
or something so you don't have too many of these things running. to download the program, about 4 MBs.
My wife's pictures are at
You can see the thumbs, I'm sure nobody wants to see the pictures.
There's an empty folder now "Atlanta" that I'll fill later.

Here's what it uses under full load, not much:
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