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 New Ram 4 the Dell

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PostSubject: New Ram 4 the Dell   Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:04 pm

Just couldn't help it. I got two sticks of ram, 2 gigs each for about $25.

We've got four ram slots in our Dells, three with a one gig stick in each and
one slot empty for a total of three gigs. I'll have to pull one out to put the
matched set of 2 each in so that'll give me 6 gigs of ram. Never had over 3
on any machine, just two on the prior 2009 Dell. The personal install I have
like yours is 32 bit althought the OEM Dell installed OS is 64 bit. I'll have to
reinstall with a 64 bit version for my main OS.

I could move my user account over pretty easily but it's pretty messy now anyway
so I'll probably just start over with a brand new install. I've got a new 1 gig hard
drive I'm going to put in first that I'll just install clean on instead of cloning the hard
drive I have over to it. One reason I got the ram, no use not to if I'm going to
change hard drives anyway. Not sure how much faster it'll be without changing
the processor to a better one but that does cost some money. I'll see how it
does with just the ram before I decide for sure.

I thought I'd get a new better PC in 2012 but maybe I can just speed this one up.
The ram and hard drive can be moved to a new machine pretty easily but it's a real
job with the processor, slightly dangerous if you're not careful. I wouldn't get as
good or expensive CPU (processor) for this one as I would for a new one either.

I was either going to build one myself or let the expert in Canada build it for me
and ship it here. I'd have to pay for shipping from Canada but he'd probably throw
in some extra stuff he always has. I'll see what the extra ram does first.
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Posts : 2735
Join date : 2008-05-13
Location : Central Florida

PostSubject: Re: New Ram 4 the Dell   Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:39 pm

Ram's in, works great. Shows the whole 6 in use on the OEM install.
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 6.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 3.25 GB
Available Physical Memory 2.26 GB
Total Virtual Memory 6.50 GB
Available Virtual Memory 5.64 GB
Page File Space 3.25 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

Still a little better off on the32 bit OS. But crap, I've lost the 1 gig hard
drive I was going to put in. Got it out last week in preparation, it had
four mounting screws in it and I hunted up another SATA cable so I
could have both hard drives at the same time. Then can't find the hard
drive. Found it real easy last week, must have thought I'd put it somewhere
else so it'd be closer at hand. Searched over an hour and a half, finally gave
up and went with what I already had. Crap on that.
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New Ram 4 the Dell
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