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 XP Games in Windows 7

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PostSubject: XP Games in Windows 7   Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:02 pm

I may have done this before, if so I'll do it again. Article from How-To Geek:

Replace Windows 7 Games with Classic Windows XP Ones
How-To Geek Article

A little misleading, you don't have to replace anything, just put the folder
anywhere and they work. I got them a minute ago, I got the cards.dll file
and freecell mshearts, solitaire, spidersolitaire, and mines. Can't swear
about spider solitaire, it sais I also needed spider.chm and spider.hlp and I
didn't see those. It opens but I don't know how and didn't try to play it.
I also got the pinball games from Program Files.

Download XP Games Zip File
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XP Games in Windows 7
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