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 Jo Called The Humaners

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PostSubject: Jo Called The Humaners   Tue Jul 08, 2008 11:31 am

Jo's shit and fell back in it now.

Diane has tried real hard to get along with and support Jo
and has spent a lot of time with her,
Diane took up with an old horse, "Goldie" that is in the
pasture behind her house and the owners went back up
north about a year ago and probably won't return. Diane
feeds it and waters it every day. There's another Diane
that lives up another road that keeps a couple of her
horses in the same field.

Jo's been complaining for a long time about a bent place
in her back chain link fence that she says the horses bent.
Diane said the horses don't even go around it.
It's been there a long time and Jo just never fixed it.
She was over here griping about it and what she was
going to do about it and said she can't just let them tear
her fence down. She said she was thinking about calling
the humane society and telling them the horses had been
abandoned and were starving with nobody to feed them.
We told her not to and Helen reminded her that Diane loved
that horse.

When I saw Diane again I warned her that Jo might call
about the horses and she said "I'll kill her if she causes
trouble about the horse!"

Some time had passed but she saw the other Diane
yesterday afternoon and warned her that Jo might call
and the other Diane told her she already had and they had
come out. There was several feeding troughs along the
fence and they were all full of food. The humaners said
those were the best fed starving horses that they had
ever seen. They talked to the other Diane and got the
story and were assured that the horses were being fed
and taken care of and they left.

Diane was still furious when she found out and was raising
cain. "Can you believe that she called the humane society
on those horses!?" I said yes, that's why I warned you.

When they left yesterday evening Curly said he was going
to write her an e-mail and tell her never to come over or
step on their property again. I don't know if he did or
not but Jo's really screwed up her friendship with Diane.
Diane wasn't trying to stop Curly from writing her.
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PostSubject: Crazy Jo strikes again   Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:46 am

Not sure what Jo thought she would gain by pissing off Diane. I guess the horses are going to get to stay because they they were being fed although no one lived there? That seems a little odd but OK. Looking forward to the next update on this saga.. Much better than any soap opera or movie..Maybe we call this "One flew over the Eagles Nest"?
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PostSubject: Re: Jo Called The Humaners   Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:04 am

I know more details now, it wasn't the humaners, it was animal
He wrote the e-mail yesterday afternoon and was calmed down
and left out all the curse words he used when he was orally
preparing his message. It's done.
She wrote Diane and said she didn't know if she did it or not,
that she did something that day she'd never done before and
took three of some kind of medication.
I said how did she know what day it was?
She agreed to respect their wishes and not go over there.
I'm wondering how long that will last.
She told them they would have done it to if they weren't
involved with the horses and they were wiping their asses
against their fence.

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PostSubject: horses   Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:11 pm

Rocky is right; it sounds better than a soap opera. keep me up to date on "Trigger.
I had to shut down my computer because my mouse wasn't working.
I got a new one today and when I pulled out the old one, the wire had been chewed on by one of the dogs.
The new mouse is so fast, I barely touch it and the icon flies across the page. I'll get used to it in few minutes, I hope.
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PostSubject: Re: Jo Called The Humaners   Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:46 pm

Try this:

Start Button > Control Panel > Mouse
and click the "Pointer Options" Tab at the top and at the top of that is where you set the pointer speed. Move the selector to the left to slow it down.
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PostSubject: Re: Jo Called The Humaners   

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Jo Called The Humaners
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