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 Cisco router

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PostSubject: Cisco router   Sat Dec 03, 2011 7:54 am

Had my permanent crowns put on yesterday morn and worked from home the rest of the day.. Had a heck of a time getting my wireless to work on my laptop. Went through every setting i could find in networking on my computers. Tried wireless from my smartphone and Kindle and realized it was my router. Shutdwon everything and powered off the router. Brought it all back up and it worked.. Router glitch of some sort .
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PostSubject: Re: Cisco router   Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:28 am

Should have mentioned my experiences I guess. It happens. Not as
often as it did with my Trendnet but every once in awhile the Cisco
screws up. I keep it on all the time of course with no rest but it shold
work just fine anyway. Doesn't forever.

99% of the time you don't have to shut everything down. Now that
we've isolated the cause and know what it is you can just do what I
do now. I can reach my router a lot easier than I can find where it's
plugged in so I just unplug the power at the router, wait about 10 or
15 seconds and plug it back in and wait for it to start and then it'll be
fine. At least 99% of the time that's all it takes. I had to cold boot the
Trendnet like that almost every day, some days not and some days I'd
have to boot it twice.

Not at all what I'd expected from the Cisco brand which is for business,
more like the home versions they make that aren't as good. Linksys is
their cheaper brand and the Home Cisco runs about like a LInksys.
Not the quality we should have gotten. Makes it not as good a deal as
we expected from the Cisco name.
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Cisco router
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