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 Donald's "No WiFi"

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PostSubject: Donald's "No WiFi"   Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:00 pm

Just got home from a friends house, he came here to pick me up and drove
me home a few minutes ago. Not Joe Sixpack, he managed the local Ford
dealership until about a year ago and his home cost half a million.

He's been talking for months saying he has to hook up his Kindle to the
computer because "I don't have any WiFi". He's a story teller but the story
never deviated.

I said you need a router, he'd say "I have one but it doesn't work with
Embarq so I just hook it up to the computer". He said the router used to
work with his old provider but Embarq didn't allow it to work with the Kindle.

I had my wife pick up a Belkin G router at Target on sale for $20 yesterday
and went to set it up for him today. He started talking about problems
with his laptop and I finally asked if he had to unplug his desktop to plug
the laptop in on the way to his house. He said no, it works fine, Embarq
just doesn't service the Kindle. He has the router set up and working,
I couldn't do anythng with his Kindle. I turned off all the HP start up
crap on his wife's all-in-one so I got something done. Brought the
new router home with me.

I tried and tried to explain to him what "service" meant but it was like
water off a duck's back. I thought I'd never be surprised by anyone's
ignorance of computers (which he openly professes) but it happened again.

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PostSubject: Re: Donald's "No WiFi"   Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:51 am

Fixed Tracy's Kindle fire last night.. Wouldn't connect to WIFI all of a sudden. Shut down the PC, unplugged the router for 30 seconds. Brought everything back up and the Fire was able to connect again. Not sure why Donald is having such a tough time. I have read where some of the Fire's can have a hard time connecting wirelessly. He should take it to Starbucks, your house, or some other hotspot to see if it will get on somewhere other than his house?
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Donald's "No WiFi"
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