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 Pictures Backup

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PostSubject: Pictures Backup   Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:12 pm

I hooked up the HP Windows Home Media Server the other day and got everything off
I thought I might need and deleted everything on it after that. Got to hunting today
and had a fit finding the backup.

Pictures from WHS was "Rocks" folder, putting them on the pogoplug server right
now on Rock/pictures/Rocks. Still have one copy on the Vista partition on the old
2009 Dell at F;\WHS120123\Photos\Rocks\

The old Vista still had the HP Home Media Server installed on it so I got them in it.
The folder is 601 MBs, probably fit on a CD. XMAS 20o7 is empty. I probably made
that folder and it never got any files in it.
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Pictures Backup
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