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 Easy Transfer Wizard

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PostSubject: Easy Transfer Wizard   Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:08 pm

Never used it before. Honey's netbook keeps falling off the internet, the wireless
must be bad. I offered to swap with her several times during the last few months
but she just wanted to keep using the one she was used to. It works fine if you
reboot but she just closed the lid last night when it quit. Fired it up this morning
and since it hadn't booted, still wouldn't get online. I asked her again if she
wanted to swap and she said she guessed she'd have to if it won't get online.
I looked online to refresh how to do it and found a video HERE.
Both had to have updates but I'm starting now with a portable hard drive. Honey's
is read the new one is black, guess I'll wait a little longer, the black one is installing
Service Pack 1, thought I'd already done that.

Honeys 2.3 gigs
Public Folder 8 gigs, probably where I put her pictures and stuff.
Unchecked my admin account, didn't have much on there anyway and
I can hook the red one up in here with wired internet. Taking awhile with this
portable USB powered only hard drive.
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Easy Transfer Wizard
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