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 Curly's Cloud

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PostSubject: Curly's Cloud   Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:33 pm

...or mine with Curly's stuff. I'd signed up for an account with MS
for Curly but he's dense. I took the 25 gigs they offered to anyone
who had an account already and already had that ready.

Went over yesterday and moved his Documents folder into the
Skydrive app and put old Curly in the Cloud. Slower than Dropbox
but you can go ahead and do whatever you want while it's uploading
the files.

Diane wants her stuff backed up to, I got her an account a while
back after the special offer so she only has 7 gigs of space like
anybody else who just signs up. Plenty for her I think. Curly just
had about 3 gigs altogether counting the Dropbox. I didn't think
but when I moved Documents, the Dropbox went with it and didn't
work until I told Dropbox to move over there, now it's fine.

I didn't move Curly's Pictures but probably should do it soon. I know
I'll back Diane's pictures up.
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Curly's Cloud
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