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 Linux Multiboot Failure

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PostSubject: Linux Multiboot Failure   Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:46 pm

I got my YUMI USB stick with 8 booting ISO files, two that won't boot, and two that
I tried it add that weren't listed, also not working. Great, now time to install on a
USB 2.0hard drive.

I've heard for years how easy Linux was to multi boot, can even boot from a
logical partition. Might be pie-in-the-sky though. 'Course I don't know how and
have no good tutorial to follow.

Made the first partition fat 32 so I can access files from it while booted to Windows.
9.09 GB. Made a ext3 partition (9.77 GB) next and installed Linux Mint, works
great, didn't let it have a swap partition since I had a choice and that could be
a problem multibooting.

Made another ext3 partition and tried repeatedly to install Mageia, first from the
Yumi and finally burned the DVD and booted to it. No go. Figured it was just
Mageia so moved on to Ubuntu and it won't install either. Maybe if I hid the first
ext3 partition? Don't know but it is not as easy as it was made out to be.

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Linux Multiboot Failure
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