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 Our Squirel

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PostSubject: Our Squirel   Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:00 pm

Not quiet what I had in mind but he's getting used to me if I'm not too close.

He's eating peanuts off the table now but just when I'm inside but even if I
crack the door and tell him to get off the table, I don't have anything on
there for him. Jumped off and climbed back up and into his hole but that
was because he'd already eaten the nuts I put out for him.

He does come out and eat on top of the tall cabinet next to his hole and
after he's eaten them all he'll climb on down and search around the porch
while I'm standing next to the table. Mostly out of my sight. Not too
keen on that idea, don't think I'll leave any more peanuts on the table.

This is a wild animal, not a pet that loved me like the pet squirrel I had one time.
If I approach him he retreats but in an orderly manner, not fleeing from
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PostSubject: Re: Our Squirel   Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:46 am

Sounds entertaining. The dogs are entertaining but they are a lot more trouble than leaving a few peanuts on the table. I hope he's still there when I come down in April..Maybe you'll be hand feeding him by then!
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Our Squirel
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