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 Moving Personal Folders

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PostSubject: Moving Personal Folders   Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:41 pm

Refreshing a little bit.

Moving Personal Folders:

Here is how it works:

  1. Open the Start menu and click your user name to open the User folder

  2. Right-click the personal folder you want to redirect to another location.

  3. Select “Properties”

  4. Click the tab “Location”

  5. The dialog box shown below will open

  6. Click the button “Move”

  7. An Explorer dialog “Select a destination” will open

  8. Browse to the location where you want to redirect this folder. You can
    select another location on this computer, another drive attached to
    this computer, or another computer on the network

  9. Click the folder where you want to store the files

  10. Click the button “Select Folder”

  11. Click “OK”

  12. In the dialog that appears, click “Yes” to move all the files to the new location.

List of personal system folders where this is applicable

Not all system folders can be redirected this way. On my system these system folders located under Users\{User name}\ had a tab “Location” in their properties sheet and could be redirected:

  • Contacts

  • Desktop

  • (My) Documents

  • Downloads

  • Favorites

  • Links

  • (My) Music

  • (My) Pictures

  • Saved Games

  • Searches

  • (My) Videos

If you wish to put folders back in their original location, use the button “Restore Default” shown in the graphic.

And there you have it.
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Moving Personal Folders
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