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 Neighbor's Livestock

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PostSubject: Neighbor's Livestock   Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:35 am

After the three chickens were over here under the bushes
Honey and I went over and let LuAnn out.  Little late it
looked like, one puddly Honey got up with toiled paper.

Went to let her out last evening a while before the chickens
were ready to roost and it ran up and jumped on me.  Went
back home, a vehicle was in the driveway, probably Jason's.

This morning I closed their drive gate, and when the
chickens were all here I went over, checked the back
door and it didn't have the stick in the door so I just
opened it and hollered for the dog, she barked awhile and
finally came out.  Didn't go in and hunt the cat, don't know
if anyone's there or not, just no vehicles.  So far, so good.
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Neighbor's Livestock
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