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 January 1, 2014

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PostSubject: January 1, 2014   Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:55 pm

Starting the year off with 2 chickens.
LuAnn killed one the morning before Christmas.
Old Red and Old Whitey left.

Neighbors left yesterday moring, probably to celebrate
New Years Eve somewhere else.
Real Estate people showed up about an hour later,
put up a for sale sign and attached a key box to the
front door.
He owes over $150,000 and they've priced it for a
quick sale at $105,000.  Curly's going to bid $95, 000.

Great year in the market but returns weren't as good
'cause we were holding so much cash.  Honey has
$328,000 in her retirement fund right now.
Getting her first social security check on the 14th of
this month.  She'd put in for December but they gave her
another $20 a month for life for waiting one month more.
I think the online calculator screwed us up.
She'll get $1,870 a month.  Probably owes more than the
first month for Christmas spending.
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PostSubject: Re: January 1, 2014   Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:25 am

Sorry about the chicken. Guessing it was a stooge? Glad to hear Red is still hanging in there. He's my favorite and I haven't even met him!

Sad about the neighbors. Some people plan poorly and others are just dumb. I suspect both in this case. What does Curly want with that house?

Ma's saved up pretty good! You guys going to live on just social security/ service station, etc. or tap the retirement for a little money each month?

Back to work for me today. Not going to put in a full day as I'll be one of the few there probably.
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PostSubject: Re: January 1, 2014   Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:24 am

Red is a she. We keep forgetting to.

We're kinda sad about the neighbors but we knew it
was coming. I'd say they were all more knowledgeable
than Curly. They're about average I think for their
financial planning wanting to live hard and not putting
an emergency fund together. Darth did lose his job
that was paying him so well when he signed the contract.
He's working now for about $10 an hour less. Made it
a little too rough for him.

No hurry right now about spending the retirement accounts,
we may withdraw some just to get it out if our taxes
allow it without penalty. Or take some profits from our
taxable account. Need to keep income under $32,000 a year
total or they'll tax our social security as well.
The building the church is in could stop producing rent at
any time.
Social Security tells you how much you have to take out
after you reach 70 whether it screws up your taxes or not.
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PostSubject: Re: January 1, 2014   

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January 1, 2014
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