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 Neighbor's House

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PostSubject: Neighbor's House   Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:49 pm

Curly had tried every way he could to get Darth to sign some
papers for him so he could bid $85,000 on their house. They
never fooled with it and it went to auction yesterday morning.
Curly bought it for $68,500.

Darth was calling him at the auction, he was at work in Tampa
and was afraid he'd have to come home and get everything out
right then. Curly gave him 10 days to get his stuff out.

I think it would have taken him at least 30 days to legally
throw him out but I didn't say anything. Reckon Darth'll come
in this weekend and finish moving. His girl friend has just about
everything out of the house now.
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Neighbor's House
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