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 Chicken Thief

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PostSubject: Chicken Thief   Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:30 am

Found out Red is down on the corner in Darlene's chicken pen.
Haven't been down to see for myself.  Also heard that Darlene
said that it "just came there".  I know that's a lie but I don't
know for sure she said it.

I am convinced that Curly knows all about it and didn't tell us
anything until yesterday.  When I'd ask Curly if he'd seen my
chicken he'd avert his eyes and grin and say "No, I haven't
seen it today.  So it's a lie by omission.

He told us yesterday that Diane insisted he tell us the chicken was
down there safe and tried to infer that Diane and Darlene that
had something to do with it and that he didn't have anything to
do with it but he was talking about the decision to tell us, not
the actual theft.

Now I can't see Curly catching a chicken.  But I am sure he was
involved and kept the act and his involvement secret.  I am certain
that the chicken was next door at Curly's new house when it
"disappeared".  Doesn't give him ownership.

Not many people in this neighborhood worth a shit.  If anything
happens to your mother and me, don't even let anyone around here
to pick throught the garbage, have it hauled off somewhere else
and don't let anyone on the Eagle's Nest to have any of our
possessions.  Damn bunch of chicken thieves.

I don't mind and am glad that they have the chicken, I saw the
chicken hawk out again this morning and they keep their chickens
locked in the pen where hawks can't get them.  We would have
given it to them if they'd asked.  Shows who your real friends are
and Curly's not one of them, never has been.
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PostSubject: Re: Chicken Thief   Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:40 am

Yeah, that's pretty shitty. Sadly, you can't pick your neighbors. We've always had good neighbors for the most part so I'd say we are fortunate as that's probably not the norm.
I don't harbor any feelings of friendship to anybody down there so they wouldn't be getting any of your stuff.
I guess the only good thing is Red will probably be safer and live longer.
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Chicken Thief
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