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 This and That

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PostSubject: This and That   Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:21 am

We may have already discussed it but it looks like skydrive is going to soon be "onedrive". Not sure of the thinking here but it most certainly has to do with making more money for softy. Looks like I still have 57 gb with 16 free.

IE - I sometimes use IE at home but we both typically stay with Firefox. Haven't been all that thrilled with Fox lately.A lot of the sites I visit don't support it very well as the screen text oftentimes writes over itself. Wasted about 15 minutes a couple of weeks ago trying to book the hotel for Daytona Beach. Decided to try it on IE and waalaa, I could see the "book now" button all of a sudden. Anyway, went to explorer yesterday and the screen went blank. You could see that it was up but there were no favs,etc. Apparently this is not that unusual. Tried a few things suggested on some forums to no avail.Decided the hell with it and downloaded Chrome. I really like it. Seems faster than Fox and IE. I told it to make all webpages with a zoom of 125 and that worked without writing all over itself (Fox). It was smart enough too to ask me if I wanted to import favs in from IE or Fox. I said IE and it brought them in with most passwords already remembered (Came to Thump page this morn, clicked login, and it filled in my name and pw!

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PostSubject: Re: This and That   Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:37 pm

Yeah, Microsoft did it again, didn't own the name Skydrive and had to change it to something else. To make it look like a little more than capitulation, it added automatic picture and video downloads from other devices.

Fox does suck, Mozilla is too busy building an OS to work on it much.
It has some apps that I need so I have to use it at least sometimes.
I'm using a portable Qupzilla some and put one on your mother's machie. It's sorta Firefox with all the bloat removed. Much faster,
at least as fast as Chrome. Google spies a little too much with Chrome so I usually use portable Iron Browser which is Chrome without Google.
Works pretty good.

Sounds like something wrong with your Firefox though, still have portable ones working just fine. Usint one right now 'cause it knows my password here and another set of emails.
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This and That
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