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 Tech Use by Age

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PostSubject: Tech Use by Age   Sun Sep 21, 2014 10:04 am

Why PC Sales Have Stalled - PCMag  Article

Abbreviated Excerp:

Ages 12-23:
This group uses smartphones as their primary digital device.
Some of them also use tablets, but sparingly and this is the one major group that has pretty much walked away from laptops or PCs except if they are using them for school or at work when applicable.

Ages 24-40:
This group is also smartphone-centric but only to a point. They are more inclined to use a mix of technologies in their daily lives. To them the smartphone is ideal when on the go, but they tend to really like tablets, too, and use them to surf the Web, do email and social networking and especially for reading books and watching movies. But they also use their PCs or laptops a lot, particularly to do productivity tasks or projects.

Ages 40-65:
This group's primary device is still a desktop PC or laptop. Yes, many have smartphones or even tablets, but the phones and tablets augment their digital life while the PC and laptop still sits at the center of their digital activities. Interestingly, in consumers, this is this age group that are buying the most PCs and laptops to replace their older models. This group started buying PCs when they were in their early 20s, and until recently these were the only digital tools they had. For them, it is the most efficient and comfortable way to get things done.

Ages 65-80+:
This group has swung completely away from PCs and laptops and while they may carry a smartphone with them, their primary device is a tablet, specifically a tablet with a 9- or 10-inch screen. I found it interesting that this age group was not very interested in smaller tablets. More importantly for them, the tablet can handle just about any of their digital lifestyle needs. Many still have a PC but they are older models and are good enough even if they are older and used only for any larger productivity project they may have from time to time.
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Tech Use by Age
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