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 Your Printer Woes

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PostSubject: Your Printer Woes   Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:13 am

Thought about it a little more.

Plugged into the computer:
Control Panel > Devices and Printers >
Add a printer on the top bar.
Dropdown menu - Lists by manufacturer first, name second, and model third. Choose yours and try it.

Not plugged into your computer:
Since you told me that your other devices see the printer,
you probably haven't joined your network yet.
I guess you set it up on the Dell, probably "workgroup" but no idea
what your password would be. You may have to hook the Dell
back up to see, I have no idea whether you can get the pass
off some other device, I sure don't know how.
You probably can't see it just because you're not on your

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Your Printer Woes
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