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 Curly's New Website

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PostSubject: Curly's New Website   Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:05 am

I never could get him to spend a penny on the site until a
couple of years ago when I made him pay for his own

He gave someone in South Carolina who's a real idiot
$1800 to make him a template with working code.  Not sure
how much he has in it now since he's paying a guy to work
on it putting the parts up one at a time $10 an hour.
Been working on it for about four months.

After about a week trying to move littleshopofgames he
found out he didn't own it.  I set it up so he could move it
but not own it so his guy tried to move it Friday.

It usually goes to:

Every once in a while it goes to:

Looks like I'm completely off the hook.  He hasn't even
mentioned it to me like he's trying to ignore it.  Even his
$10 an hour guy told him not to fool with the SC guy again
but I'm afraid it's on the SC guys server account at

Can't help but laugh about it.
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Curly's New Website
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