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 Me and Cramer

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PostSubject: Me and Cramer   Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:39 am

I read Cramer some times, usually pay what he says no mind.
The guy finally wrote something I agree with that I haven't
seen anyone else writing.

"Cramer recommended that the best strategy is for an investor
to manage their own portfolio of individual stocks.

From this article:
Cramer: Beware funds trying to steal your money - LINK

One of the most crooked things brokers do is sell load funds
to ignorant people.  The few people who've asked me for
financial advise have a ton of these old load funds.  

Cramer adds "But for those who do not have the time or do
not want to do so he recommends low cost index funds.
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Me and Cramer
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