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 FreedomPop Thing

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PostSubject: FreedomPop Thing   Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:34 pm

The device I bought from newegg got here yesterday.
Wasn't looking forward to signing up with FreedomPop,
read the reviews and cons and all said you had to give
them a credit card number for the free 500 MBs a month
cellular bandwidth for getting on the internet.

Wore out physically and mentally but plugged it in one of
the netbooks, it installed drivers for awhile (netbook's slow)
and then I got right on the internet.  It was refurbished so
somebody else maybe signed up already, don't know.

New price is $99.99 and the refurb is still there for $29.99
Got mine on the last day of a sale last week for $14.99
Nice looking gadget with a fold out USB plug.

Free LTE Internet with LTE USB Modem U770 - FreedomPop
(Certified Pre-owned) $29.99
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FreedomPop Thing
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