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PostSubject: Back Online Now   Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:34 pm

I got up Thursday morning and no internet.  Booted the
modem then the router, nothing.  Walked outside to
smoke and saw the cable line hanging down almost to
the car, followed it and the other end was in the neighbor's

Honey then told me the TV went off Wednesday night a little
after 11:00 PM and she woke up to flashing lights out at the
road about 3:30 AM.  Got a repair crew here this morning.
Got called and warned three or four times that we had to
be here, over 18 with a valied photo ID.  Honey waited
until they got here and I asked it they wanted to see her
photo ID and they said no so she went on to get her haircut.
I told the guy I thought that was a bunch of bullshit.

The workmen were fine, the aggravating recorded message
calls sucked.  A guy from India called to try to help me fix
my problem, I said "You do know the line is laying in the
yard don't you?".  The rest just gave all the warnings,
wanted the last four digits of my Social Security number,
wanted me to click 1 for "my problem is solved and I no
longer need them to come out".  2 was the right one for
yes, I'll be here ready.
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