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 Little Yellow Wagon

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PostSubject: Little Yellow Wagon   Sat Oct 17, 2015 3:20 pm

I walked around to the side of the front yard and was
pulling crap from the Palm tree when Helen came out
from the front.  Been a pile of those things at the base
of the tree for a few weeks and I pulled more when I
felt like it.  She said "You can get the yellow wagon and
haul those around to the fire pit."  I said the tires were
flat, just wasn't thinking.  She said she'd get some more
tires at the Ace Hardware store.  I told her they were at
Tractor Supply where Diane bought her the wagon.

That was Wednesday evening almost night.  Started
looking it over Thursday and the bolts and nuts holding
the wheels were rusted together and wouldn't come
loose.  Oiled them up and let it soak in for a few hours
until it got hot.  Got one off.  Oiled the bolts again and
tried again before night and got another finally.

No use to buy new ones if I couldn't get the old ones off.
Got the other two off Friday.  Cleaned one up so she
could take it with her.  Just needed four inner tubes but
they were about six dollars and the whole wheel with
tire and innertube already on were $8 +, I remembered
that from when Curly told me when Diane got her one
replacement one time.  I looked on Tractor Supply's
website and the wagon was there for $80.  Looked at
it, went out and looked at the old wagon.

It's fine.  Pretty bad rust but still plenty strong.
Could make it look good again with a can of Rustoleum
spray paint and a can of black.  Still a very unfortunate
color of sick yellow, not really pretty at all, the fibers
show through on the poly bed.  We leave it outside all
the time anyway so it or a new one wouldn't look good
very long.  Tires, new bolts and nuts with washers.

Then I thought "Why?".  It's Honey's wagon and I
haven't seen her use it in at least two years.  Nice to
have around, nice gift from Diane.  I've used it a few
times just because it was there.  Don't need it.
Never would have bought it so don't have to now just
because the old one's down.

Put the tires back on, just finished.  It's haul small
things with flat tires, would have hauled the light
things I'd broken off the palm anyway but I would
have just put them in one of the Trash cans and carried
it up to the fire pit.

It was $79.99 and rated at 600 pounds, 10 inch tires
LINK and there was one on sale for $99.99 that was
rated at 1400 pounds and had 13 inch tires LINK
Don't think I need any, I'm not going to do much
work anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: Little Yellow Wagon   Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:25 am

Sounds like an eventful week around the little yellow wagon! Just need to find yourself a cheap Mexican somewhere!
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PostSubject: Re: Little Yellow Wagon   Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:38 am

I'm relearning a lesson.

Think first before you act... and think well.
It seemed natural to just begin working but we don't
need the wagon.  It's not a throw away item, it's built
like farm equipment and meant to be repaired if

After thinking about it, I know I'm sore for no reason,
if I'd thought long enough I would have remembered
that the hours I spent working on it, I could have done
everything needed to replace the wheels/tires in
about five minutes.  My fingers wouldn't be sore and
my back wouldn't ache from squating so long.
Just pull the cotter pin from each wheel.

We've had it so long it cost less than $10 a year.
Nothing lasts for a life time stored outdoors.
Think long and hard before spending effort or money.
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PostSubject: Re: Little Yellow Wagon   

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Little Yellow Wagon
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