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 Honey's Bellyache

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PostSubject: Honey's Bellyache   Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:24 pm

Bellyache is long gone.  Despite modern medicine's state
we were able to get the results of the test.  She was
scheduled to see Dr Hahn or Hon, rhymes with Don on
Thursday this week.  It's canceled 'cause he'll be out of

She put Dr M on the list and she got the results of the
test yesterday and told us yesterday after she got off
work.  She said:
"Nothing's wrong!  Don't worry!  If you get diarrhea
and feel a little nauseous go ahead and shit and puke,
you're not going to die."

I knew that of course, I had it first.
Pretty sure her regular doctor, Dr D, knew that as well.
It's CYA, cover your something.
Doctors are sued much, much less ofter if  they order

But that doesn't serve their patients well at all.
Many people just don't have the tests and don't return.
He isn't in private practive so he doesn't care.
With the time lapse between the first visit and the tests
and then a scheduled revisit to the Dr (the one that got
canceled for Thursday) there's three things that could
You get better.
You get worse and maybe go to the emergency room
and the problem becomes obvious.
You stay the same so something might need done.

Dr M also said:
"There was a small amount of fluid (I forget where) but it's
not important, I will consult with Dr Hahn and obtain a
portion of the fluid for testing.  This test was to make sure
it wasn't your pancreas, take one more test then have a
I know that sounds funny coming from me because I don't.
I can't understand why people are so happy to have one.
I see someone happy with a big smile and they say
'I had my colonoscopy yesterday.  I think they need to
examine their head.  I say 'Man why are you so happy?
They stuck a tube up your a**'.".

It is good to have a doctor who knows you, she also said
"Take all the sh*t out of your refrigerator and throw it
away.  Start over.
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Honey's Bellyache
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