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 At The Thump Mansion

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PostSubject: At The Thump Mansion   Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:00 am

Honey lost her glasses again and I can't find them
either.  She left with her best glasses to drive and
we didn't find her everyday pair.  If I don't forget
I thought to tell her to look in one of her other
pocketbooks, I remember now that she did change
them yesterday.  Or look in her other clothing, I
don't do that.

I've been trying to get some of the stuff out of my
office, haven't done much yet but noticed the cheap
Windows 8.1 7" tablet that I just couldn't help
buying to play with but am unable to see at all even
with two magnifying glasses.  I finally was able to get
Teamviewer working on it and use it a little using my
22 inch monitor, just enough that now I'm afraid I've
left  personal information on it.  I don't want to waste
it and throw it away, but could only give it to someone
I trust.

It's cold here (for here) and is going to get colder in
the next few days.  Both of us are certain, especially now
that we've gotten older that we never want to live in
Tennesse again only because of the weather even
though I prefer it otherwise.

Getting really tired of the 12 inch netbook I have hooked
up to the TV now that it updated to Windows 10.  It's
slower than molasses.  If I shut it down normally it
really doesn't shut down and does stuff on it's own so
I hold the button down for 5 seconds to shut it all the
way down and it takes forever to boot.

I was singing last night trying to sing "Storms Never
Last" and I sang "Storms never last do they baby, bad
times all pass with the wind.  Your hand in mine stills
the thunder" and got stuck even though I've sung it
many times.  I started booting up the netbook on the
TV and it wasted the time away booting, Honey hadn't
gotten home yet.  Real good sound on the TV and I
can hear it out on the porch.  Finally booted and I
opened the portable apps and it needed to update 5
of the programs I hadn't used it in so long so I let it.

Came back from smoiking, still not done and I got
impatient and fired up my desktop again, went to
youtube and played the song, It was the first one
listed for me and I wonder again if it's reading my mind.
Got the line I knew so well before I forget now what it
was but will play it as soon as I quit writing, but I still
wanted to here it on the TV so after it finally updated I
was trying to open Chrome and Honey came home and
wanted the TV.  Going to listen in a few minutes now
that she's gone again and I meant to see if I already
had the video on the external hard drive I keep hooked
up to my main PC.  If not I mean to get a copy today.

Just remembered, "you make the sun want to shine"

Going to start up the netbook now, I still want to hear it.
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PostSubject: Re: At The Thump Mansion   Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:01 am

I had to google the song as it didn't ring a bell. Watched Jessie and Waylon belt it out on You Tube and it brought back faint memories. I doubt I've heard it more than 3 times in my life though which is odd.

I get a pop-up on my screen about once a week now wanting me to update to Windows 10. Haven't yet and probably won't.

Hope Ma found her glasses!
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PostSubject: Re: At The Thump Mansion   Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:53 am


Please don't upgrade to Windows 10!

You've forgotten what I said when I gave the computer
over a year ago. I'll email you a reminder in case
you don't see this.

I created a second primary partition that you can
install Windows 10 on if you think you want it and
I'll buy you a new copy of Windows 10 if you want
it. Personally I wouldn't have it.
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PostSubject: Re: At The Thump Mansion   Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:29 pm

Odd coincidence.

I hated the Windows 10 crap MS foisted on me that after
a week or two I tried to get rid of it. I was trying to keep
up to date on computer news so it was easy to find the
Windows update that brought it and uninstalled the update
and then marked it to be hidden but it wouldn't go away.
It has become less frequent the last few months but the
little icon for it kept appearing in the notification area on
the taskbar.

Today it's missing.

Probably be back the next time I boot but it's not there
now. I'm hoping it will go away when the free period for
the update ends but don't know for sure. Maybe it'll be
a popup saying "Buy Windows 10 now" or something.
It really is a bad thing for MS to fool with Windows 7 just
to advertise.
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PostSubject: Re: At The Thump Mansion   

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At The Thump Mansion
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