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 Best Modern OS Choice ?

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PostSubject: Best Modern OS Choice ?   Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:46 pm

1. New Windows 10
Too intrusive, too much intimate personal information
required.  Almost impossible to set up without tying it to
a MS account, email, and password.
Bad attitude that the OS still belongs to MS even if you
buy it and they do whatever they want with it.

2. Apple products
Not really familiar with the OS but it ties you to the few
machines made by them.
Too intrusive, the only device I tried to set up required an
itunes signup and credit card number.

3. Linux / BSD
Free.  Therefor can be installed easily on a USB memory stick
or external hard drive and used on another machine.
Not intrusive.  Plenty of variety with many different
versions available.  Most do require you set up and user
name and password for security reasons but cares nothing
about collecting any personal information.
Works on almost all hardware, even a good choice to
replace the no longer supported old machines that had
XP installed.  Use much less resources.
I like the Mint distro, unfortunately the default desktop
background is ugly but several nice ones are available to
switch to without hunting down another online.
The Ultimate edition has every bell and whistle you might want.
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Best Modern OS Choice ?
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