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 Neighbor Jo

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PostSubject: Neighbor Jo   Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:29 am

Jo's sister, "Sissy", called Honey last evening.

Jo's trying to go home.

She's at some nursing place in Inverness.  Pretty good
deal there.  She can smoke but has to wait for them to
roll her wheelchair outside for it and doesn't like that.
She has a telephone.  Beats the place I excaped from,
they wouldn't even feed me.

Anyway, she's been calling people trying to get them to
take her home, called Sissy around four o'clock at night
to beg her again.

She's called 911 twice at least trying to get them to
rescue her.  Told them she was being held hostage
and they wouldn't let her leave.  They told her at the
place that she can't leave, she's in a wheelchair, how
does she think she's going to get home.  She said she'd
go out to the road and stick out her thumb, she said
she was sure someone would stop and help an old
lady in a wheelchair.  I wonder if she'll win out in the

Sissy called Honey to warn her that if Jo remembers her
number and begs her to come and get her not to do it.

Makes me rethink about Mom.  What you'd want fo
yourself and what your family thinks is best for you is
two different things.  I know I wouldn't want to be
locked up, even if I was able to smoke and had a
phone if I was there against my will.

I guess if Mom wants to go home after her rehab
runs out that she should be allowed to.  I'm going to
try to ask Mirta what she thought but I don't have
any of Mom's medical records and don't know what
meds she's on.  I expect her mind may get a little
better if she's taking her medicine and they'll see
that she does for the month of rehab, she may be
much clearer.  If she wants to go home after that - I
guess I'm for it.  Maybe we could find someone to
stay with her or at least visit a time or two a day
to make sure she's taking her meds right and help
her get the necessary things, bathing, etc until her
hip and shoulder heal.  I know Mirta allowed her mom
to stay home at her house in Argentina when she
was batty and friends stopped by and checked on
her on a pretty regular fashion.
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PostSubject: Re: Neighbor Jo   Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:51 am

Yeah, I think you're right. She doesn't have a lot of time left and if she wants to spend it at home, then she should.

Hard to get a good read on what she wants. There's probably days she's fine with the nursing home and times she isn't. She tried to get in awhile back but they wouldn't let her. Of course, it's quite likely now that she's been in for 3 weeks that she wants no part of it anymore.

I know there was a lady that came by everyday and brought her food. She really liked her of course.

With so much family near by, it's a shame she doesn't get more visitors. Sadly however, some of those want to rob her blind.
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Neighbor Jo
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