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 1 Year Stock Chart

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PostSubject: 1 Year Stock Chart   Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:50 am

Stole this chart from an article written January 15, 2016:

Excellent time to buy if you have money on the sidelines.

Investing isn't a game especially in a retirement acount.
If it was though, you're in the first few minutes of the first quarter,
don't worry about any "score" and start throwing Hail Mary
passes.  If you don't screw up gambling the score is bound to
be much higher at the end of the game.

If you have 10 years to go before you'll touch the money
I'd mostly say five years, you should be 100% in stocks.
They always pay more over a longer period of time.  And even
if you're pretty close to retiring you'd only need to have
the first few years in cash.

If it's a taxable account that you might have to draw on
I'd say whatever amount you think you'd need in an
emergency should be in cash.  More if you're retired and
older.  Bonds suck right now, it'd be stupid to think you
could sell them whenever you needed cash and not lose
money on them.

If you think you might feel emotional about your invesments
at all then put all the money you feel safe investing for a
longer period in one of the good index funds or ETFs like
VOO, VTI, or VIG and never look at it more than once a year.
Don't read anything the people who want to or need to
write publish.  It's all bull.

Sorry if the image is too big, maybe just my high resolution
on my machine, don't know.
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1 Year Stock Chart
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