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 Rant Comcast

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PostSubject: Rant Comcast   Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:49 pm

After 3 or 4 weeks Honey mentioned as she was going out the
door that she could take the thing to the Comcast branch.
I'd reminded her once or twice a week that we needed to do it.

I took the modem/router (combination) loose and sent it with her.
Had to tell her all over again that we needed the password to get
on the darn thing and they told me that it was on the bottom.

Lots of numbers on the bottom, hadn't been able to get any to
work. She finally came home after shopping and said it was
A618 but that's what it said for the name already - HOME A618
and it didn't work. Wanted a security key.. Finally got the
"network key" from the bottom of the modem/router and I'm
on. Had the darn thing about a year and never could get on.

Had the Belkin router plugged into the modem/router and
that didn't work very good. The Belkin was working fine when
it was connected to the old modem.
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Rant Comcast
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