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 Windows 10 Calls Home

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PostSubject: Windows 10 Calls Home   Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:58 am

Everyone knew it did with the default settings but it was believed
that if you went into your privacy settings and turned them off it
wouldn't do it anymore.  It does though.

Article at Softpedia says they were running Mint and set up a virtual
machine running Windows 10 with all the settings set to private,
monitored it overnight and "During this whole time, the router logged
a total of 5,508 connections, out of which 3,967 were said to be
attempts to 51 different Microsoft IP addresses."

It says that doesn't prove anything but it does prove it tried to contact
MS 3,967 times and I'd rather it didn't do that.  LINK

I've been testing Linux Mint, comes in several versions but I got
Mine Cinnamon with the xfce desktop on a USB stick and boot to it
and it looks like a good alternative to Windows when Win 7 gets too
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Windows 10 Calls Home
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