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 Lawn Mower March 22, 2016

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PostSubject: Lawn Mower March 22, 2016   Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:39 pm

Rick kept saying I needed a 6 foot rope. I told him
repeatedly that I needed a 7 foot rope. Nothing going
on right now so I asked Honey to stop at ACE Hardware
and get me a 7 foot cord. She asled a thousand
questions and after I'd said 7 foot several times she
said "Ok, 7 inches. Got her to write down 7 foot and
sent the one Rick got with her to show.

She picked it up (said they weren't as nice and helpful
as they used to be. $1.47 price. She did ask before
she left if I wanted two geraniums but I told her no.
Still don't see how to get it to work after that old
man took it apart. Nothing catches the hook on the
end. I'll look again later. Wish I'd seen him take it
apart but didn't know he was going to. May be a
piece missing. I think I know his motive for that now
that I've thought about it.
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Lawn Mower March 22, 2016
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