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 Odds and Ends 4-30-2016

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PostSubject: Odds and Ends 4-30-2016   Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:01 am

Hadn't posted lately so this past week...

Money I sealed the verticle side of the sliding glass door,
took two tubes of caulk. Messy. Going to try and get
the horizontal part at the top finished today. Outside
was finished last week.

Moved everything out of the dining hall, wiped all
Honey's knicknack just off, vacuumed all the floor.
Moved some of her stuff back in. Honey cooked our
late meal just after I'd fixed and eaten my bacon

Wednesday I got last years mower out, took the top off
the engine with the rope starter that still doesn't work
and checked the oil, put in a little gas and wrapped a
rope around what was sticking up and pulled. Slipped
off. Four times in a row. Got down on the grond, put
my foot against the engine and pulled and it fired up.
Already had the thing tied on the handle so it'd run
without me squeezing it. Mowed pine cone alley, didn't
want to do that with the sharp blade on the new mower.
Put more gas in, want to keep it running. Mowed the
main part of the back yard, didn't mow the little part
where Honey had the hose sprawled and filled up with
gas again. Mowed the main part of the front and ran
out of gas on the small side. Forgot to fill up again.
Put it up.

Thursday Honey went with her friend Pat to get her toenails
cut and polished and her feet and ankles soaked and massaged.
As Honey mentioned when she got home, I'd did nothing but
eat leftovers.

Friday I forget, Honey said she didn't know of anything I did
and she had to wash the dishes. She always eats before
she comes back from her foot rub and brought me some left
over fish and half a baked potato so I made a fish sandwich
with a hamburger bun. She came home after I finished and
brought a five guys with real fries so I ate that to.

Burned the crumpled important papers she'd saved up and
am going to try and start on the caulking again.
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PostSubject: Re: Odds and Ends 4-30-2016   Sun May 01, 2016 7:43 am

I guess the big takeaway is that you didn't go hungry this week! Also looks like you put in a fair amount of work caulking and mowing. You should take the weekend off!
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Odds and Ends 4-30-2016
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