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 New Broker

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PostSubject: New Broker   Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:37 am

Frank Liccardo called today, said he was my new something or
other.  Not broker, not financial advisor, oh well, don't really
know.  Guess it'll be on the next statement.
Anyway, Tony Nicollette is gone, been gone about 6 months.

Said one of our accounts doesn't have a beneficiary named,
is sending a new form.  I complained that it seemed that the
bene was falling off our accounts everywhere.  I suspect when
someone new takes over they tear those up as an excuse to

Said he saw that we had large cap blue chips and I said yes,
mostly. Told him before he started on it that we had no bonds
or bond funds so a large cash position. Told him I wouldn't
loan anyone any money at todays rates and wasn't interested
in bonds at all.

Told him we were old, asked him if TD could go ahead and vote
our proxies for us.  He checked and they only do that if we've
gotten to the point we don't want to handle the accounts
ourselves and turn it over to them to make the decisions.
Told him no.  He asked what our plan was for succession if we
do get past being able to handle it and I told them my son.
Said he would handle it for Honey if anything happened to me
and would help me if I was unable to make the decisions.
He asked if you were knowledgable about investing and I told
him I'd done the best I could to get you ready. (ha, ha)

I'll ask Honey when she gets home what's the holdup with the
one she was working on for the bank and maybe Ed Jones.
Oh well, not sure what was holding her back.
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PostSubject: Re: New Broker   Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:42 am

Yeah, I suspect you're right..Missing beneficiary is a highly doubtful exclusion you wouldn't have missed. Just wanted to call you up and offer his services. Somebody called me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to offer advice. I asked him if I was beating the major indices and he said yes and I said no thanks then.

We can spend a couple of hours reviewing everything when I visit in October.

I apologize for Sunday's call regarding the land on Smalling. It is a a great piece of land for sure and would be a nice place to put a house / trailer. The fact is we will never move back to Elizabethton. Without an heir of my own, the only choice for me would be to sell it or let the county/ state (?) decide who gets it when something happens to me? Darby/ Brian/ and that ilk would never get it if I could help it. The younger generation of Tracy's family ain't much better. I really think you should consider selling it. Maybe jack the price up and sit on it for awhile to see if there are any motivated takers. Anyway, I didn't want to seem ungrateful if that is how it was perceived.
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New Broker
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