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 HP Desktops no power supply

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PostSubject: HP Desktops no power supply   Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:50 am

Awhile back I ran across a video of an HP Pavilion 110-210. The video was done by Carey Holzman he is apart of Tech Vet's. I am not sure why he bought the computer but he did maybe just to show it's low end. I posted the video's on My Forum . I was in OfficeMax last week I saw a HP Pavilion 510-P020. It was a newer model of the 110-210. I picked up the case it was very light.
In the video of the 110 he took the side off and saw it could not be upgraded no expansion slots. The one I saw was like $500.00. You know sometimes I get so frustrated and tired of Kroger I think about getting a job at OfficeMax. But after seeing the desktop with no power supply I do not want to sell crap like that. If a customer ask me if it was a good computer I could not honest tell them yes. Now a HP desktop like mine It is an HP but it has an I7 with a real Video Card and a powerful power supply. It just upset's me that HP is doing this. I also picked up a small tower and it weighed more than the HP.
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HP Desktops no power supply
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