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 Playing With Solar

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PostSubject: Playing With Solar   Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:27 pm

Honey got some little solar lights to stick in the ground at
Walmart for $.99 apiece and she let me have one.

I took the top off and it had everything on the top.  I put it
in the top of a tiny pimiento chesse glass and wasn't real
satisfied 'cause it mostly shined straight down like a laser.
Added the "globe" back and it spread the light much better.

I ran it a night or two on Honey's side table where the lamp
that she turns off last at night is a day or two and then moved
it out on the porch.  Honey complained that I took her night
light so I put it back.  I've put it out every morning for sun
and put it back every night until now.
It's overcast today so I'm trying for the first time to see if it
will charge up just sitting under her lamp.

It got me thinking so I started looking for a luci light.  $14.95
at Walmart, tax was over a dollar and shipping was over five
dollars so it ended up $21+  Looked for free store pickup but
it kept messing up and using zip code 34478 (Ocala).  I
changed it to mine and tried again and it changed it back.

Bought one instead at newegg for $19.95, no tax, free
shipping.  It puts out a bright spread out light and the lowest
setting works fine.  Didn't put it out yesterday or today, going
to see how long it holds a charge.  Picture

Interesting and would be good when the power fails.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing With Solar   Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:52 pm

Yeah, that's pretty interesting. Never heard of a luci light. Googled it and it appears there are several kinds. Here is an inflatable one from Amazon..
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PostSubject: Re: Playing With Solar   Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:35 am

Looks like you could get one with free shipping if you have Prime.
I could get one from Walmart with free store pickup if it was
working right. Amazon and Walmart both have free shipping if
you but over $35.

You never know with Amazon. They didn't give the lumens
anywhere I saw, probably 25, Walmart had one of those for
about the same price. I wanted the 50 lumens. newegg said
theirs was 60 lumens but it's probably 50 instead.

Tried it under a lamp shade and it looks pretty good. I'm not
really happy with the light color but Honey says it's fine.
Honey says "It's bright!" It's much better than a flashlight at
night outside but doesn't have a handle to carry it right for

Looked like the cheapest way to try out solar.
If you buy a solar panel you have to get a battery and a sine
converter and a power management thing. I'd like to see
more complete products.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing With Solar   

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Playing With Solar
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