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 Rock's Gone Now

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PostSubject: Rock's Gone Now   Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:44 pm

They arrived yesterday afternoon and we ate over at Curly and Diane's
place. Helen bought some bubba burgers and some steaks and
Curly fixed them on the grill.

He left today about noon but Helen followed them up to the Villages
and they were going to shop a little before he headed on up to the
panhandle. We wish he could have stayed longer but they decided
to get on up ahead of Fay and maybe get some beach time in before
it got all the way up there. They really didn't want to have to drive in
the rain the whole way either and said they'd gotten enough on the
way down. It's sunny and pretty here right now but bad weather is
supposed to hit this afternoon or tonight.

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Rock's Gone Now
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