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 Jo Has Botulism

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PostSubject: Jo Has Botulism   Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:53 pm

Jo called yesterday and seemed to be in a pretty good mood.
She bemoaned not seeing Rock and said she had some cake
she was going to bring over but didn't mention it again since
he was gone. (We really didn't want it anyhow)

She went on to mention that she had botulism and I ignored
it but when she spoke to Helen and mentioned it again, Helen
asked her if she'd been to the doctor and she said no. Asked
her if she had vomiting and she said no. Asked her if she had
diarhea and she said just a little, she had these bad stomach
cramps though and she'd caught it eating some chicken from

I'm sure she'll defeat it and be well soon.
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Jo Has Botulism
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