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 Rick talked to Diane

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PostSubject: Rick talked to Diane   Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:16 pm

Broke his vow of silence.

She brought out her ladder and climbed up to prune a tree and didn't know he was
there until he spoke. He had a chair close to the property line but he was picking
little blades of grass or something.
He said "I'm not supposed to talk to you or I'm a traitor, I don't know traitor to
what though." Diane said "I know."
Well he wanted to talk about how bad he was being treated again. They've been
paying Jon Carter to mow since Rick went into the hosipital and Jo's tired of it
again although she said she'd always let him cut it now.
She wants Rick to get back on the riding mower and start mowing again.
He told Diane that he didn't know if he could or not and was thinking about
starting it and riding back and forth a few times without mowing to see how it
went. It is selfish of her but I've watched him mow and you could put a basket of
eggs on the hood and none would get broken he mows so slow.
I guess she figured if he could get in the car and ride down to his club he could
get on the lawnmower and ride around the yard.

He must be doing better, he was burning the trash pile behind Jo's house this
morning and he's always pretty afraid to do that.
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PostSubject: Rick talked to Diane   Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:45 am

Rick came around I see..Well, good for him.. I certainly don't envy his position living with that nut but this is America and he can leave whenever he chooses. Does he steal the paper anymore?
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PostSubject: Re: Rick talked to Diane   Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:32 am

No problem with the paper but I usually get it before dawn now so he won't be
tempted. Yeah, big change since he e-mailed Diane and came over here in
person to deliever his last message that he and Jo were a couple and were
going to stay a couple and he sided with her all the way.

He talked with Diane again yesterday and there's a big change in the wind again.
He asked her if she knew anything about the trailer park down the road and she
told him she just knew that her painting teacher lived there. She asked him why
and he said he was looking at a trailer down there for $37,000 and she asked him
what the lot rent was and he said it was lot and all, no rent.
Trouble was though, Jo wanted to go with him.

He said his friends up in North Carolina were still looking for a place for him though.

She said "So, you're going to leave?" and he said "I have to, she's crazy and I can't
stand this. All I'm doing is taking care of her, she won't do anything."
He said "If I hear her 'I might not always be right but I'm never
wrong' one more time I think I'll go crazy."

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PostSubject: Re: Rick talked to Diane   

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Rick talked to Diane
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