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 Jo'w Crazy

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PostSubject: Jo'w Crazy   Mon May 19, 2008 10:17 am

No surprise for anybody that's listened to me but now even
Rick knows it.
She called me a couple of weeks ago now and told me all
about how bad her sister was again and that she wanted to
go over for a visit. Took her about five minutes to wrap
that up and then said "I need to ask you a favor."
I said "What is it?"
About 20 seconds of silence and I said "Did you forget what
it was?"
She said "No, I'm just trying to think how to put it...."
I said "Well what is it?"
She said she wanted me to keep her dog while she went to
her sisters a couple of days to visit.
I told her NO! Of course she wanted to question my answer
and I told her I couldn't stand that dog
She argued with that a little bit and I finally told her "That
dog don't like me and I don't like it back. I can't stand that
dog and never could. Everybody knows it but you, I just
never told you until now."

She wound up and started extolling the merits of the dow and
a few storys of endering things it had done, about five
minutes and then asked me again if I'd keep it.
I told her NO!

She started all over and told me the same things and added
a few, another 5 minutes and then asked me again if I'd
keep it. NO!

One more damn time, she went through the whole thing again
and added how sick her sister had been and then asked me
once more. NO!

I quietly asked her if Rick was going with her and she said no.
I said well why can't Rick keep it and she said "I don't trust him,
he's manhandles it! I've already got on him about it and he
already has to sleep on the back porch for five days now
because of it. That dog loves him and he just wrestles it

She started winding up again and started talking about how
good the dog was and I though "Oh god, here we go again" but
she stopped and said "Well, I guess if you've already made up
your mind...?"
I said "Oh I have Jo, I'm not going to keep it."
Silence again and I broke it and told her that she could stop
trying to punish Rick and let him keep the dog or, she could
stay at home.

Too much for now, I'll update it later.

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PostSubject: jo   Tue May 20, 2008 8:31 am

Yeah, good story that merely punctuates what we've already known for some time! I think it was the " I was dead and floating off the bed story" that swayed me awhile back.
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PostSubject: Re: Jo'w Crazy   Tue May 20, 2008 10:36 am

Can you believe after all that talk and me telling her the dog and I
didn't like each other, she brought it with her when she came to visit Sunday. Oh well, back to the story.

Even Rick, her staunchest supporter knows it now.
He asked Diane "What am I going to do? She's crazy."
Diane paused a minute wondering if he was serious and then asked
him what was going on. He said she was just crazy and he was up to 25 days that he had to sleep out on the back porch now.
She asked him why he didn't just look for an apartment around here somewhere and he said no, he couldn't live anywhere close, she'd still aggravate him to death.

His car was gone all day yesterday and I wondered if he's left but it was back late yesterday evening. It was there early this morning but it's gone again now. I guess he's just trying to stay away or she may have told him he couldn't be there in the daytime now, I don't know.

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PostSubject: Re: Jo'w Crazy   

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Jo'w Crazy
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