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 Checking Free Online Hosting

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PostSubject: Checking Free Online Hosting   Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:34 am

I wasted another day checking out free hosting, I'm just too curious not to check it
out every once in a while. I tried to set up an account at everyone listed on the
first page of them at Some just took the info and didn't give
anything but there's some likely looking newcomers.
I really like my freehostia account but wanted to check out some more.
I gotta open the e-mail and then continue the signup for one. (Just failed the signup follow through)
10GB Disk Space
5GB Bandwidth
Space = 5,000MB
Bandwidth = 20,000MB
5GB space
20GB bandwidth
50,987mb space
50,987mb bandwidth

I used to get good service from 250free but it's really went bad now.
prohosting used to give me a gig but took it back.
If anybody has any pages they want to put up they can use my account there. - Admin Panel
User - hyppy
Pass - blue2
I put up a few: - Country Abbreviations - State Abbreviations - 3 keyboard shortcuts - File extension Lookups - Index with their web page maker (I thought it was a page editor type thing, now it just shows the code I was writing)

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Checking Free Online Hosting
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