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 Got A Limb Cut

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PostSubject: Got A Limb Cut   Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:34 pm

Diane was over Friday night and said something about Curly was supposed to do
some trimming for her the next morning (Saturday) and Helen had griped to me
about a limb hanging down from the Oad tree in our front yard. I'd already
noticed it but didn't care. After she griped at me that I had to do something
about it I reacted and asked Diane to ask Curly if he was using the saw on a pole
if he'd walk over here and cut that limb down.

Then I thought "That wasn't good." and e-mailed Curly and asked him myself if he
was using the saw on a stick would he come over and saw off that limb.
He came over Saturday afternoon and said he'd do it Sunday, that he wasn't cutting
"trees" down for Diane that day.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning Helen hollered at me to go out and make sure
Curly didn't fall. I looked out and he and Diane were there with the saw and a
ladder so I went out and told him Helen sent me out to make sure he didn't fall.
He set the ladder against a big limb and said "Ok, get your ass up there now and
cut that limb off." and I said "Sure, give me the saw." and then he laughed and
said he was just joking and started climbing. I braced the ladder with my feet and
steadied it with my hands and he climbed up and cut off the limb and while he
was up there Diane had him cut off two more just because she thought it would
look better.

I wouldn't have asked him if I'd have known that they were going to go to so much
trouble. I figured he could cut it off as high as the saw on a pole reached and that
would be good enough to get Helen to stop bothering me about it. It didn't even
occur to me to go to the trouble of climbing up and cutting the whole thing off.
I carried the ladder back to their place but that wasn't much help I don't guess.

Oh well, it does look better shaped after Diane had him cut the other limbs off.

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PostSubject: Got A Limb Cut   Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:24 am

That's a good story Thump! He probably didn't think you would actually climb up there. I'm sure you would have but not advised. It's nice to have good neighbors! Very Happy
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Got A Limb Cut
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