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 Unlimited Cell/Internet/Text - $50

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PostSubject: Unlimited Cell/Internet/Text - $50   Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:14 am

I hope I haven't posted about this before, I've seen it before but this was a new
article and I checked and it looks like it's available here. I know cell phone
internet is not as fast but an unlimited plan sounds nice now that the cable
providers are putting caps on.

Sprint's Boost Mobile Will Offer $50 Unlimited Plan

Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel, will introduce next week a phone and
data plan for $50 a month. The plan includes unlimited anytime calling, text
messaging, wireless Web, and walkie-talkie services anywhere in the U.S.
The Article

Boost Mobile Site

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Unlimited Cell/Internet/Text - $50
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