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 Busy Day Today

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PostSubject: Busy Day Today   Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:38 am

Helen's weekend off work recovery in process.

I started with personal hygiene and shaved and washed my hair.
I see the dishes are still in the sink from yesterday. Two dirty
casserole dishes one from the meatloaf and one from the cheese
potatoes. A pot she half cooked the carrots in + lid. A little
cocktail glass(?) and the usual morning oatmeal bowl, coffee
cup and water glass. Not going to be enough room for coffee pot
and stuff in the dish drainer so it's a double wash today, the second
later for after I've had supper.

I've already washed a load of clothes and cleaned the washer and
dryer tops and the clothes are in the dryer drying. I cleaned the sink
in my bathroom and cleaned a long time on the comode but not
perfect. I agreed to vacuum today if she'd help me sort out the
1099b forms for income tax yesterday. More aggravation for me
than her it turned out. We came up with about 26 so there's about
6 or 7 more to find or make up the numbers from the records I've

I'll get back to it later, time for an internet break.

10:05 AM 2/16/2009: I put the dishes in the dish drainer up and
half assed made the bed so I can sort and fold my clothes. Dryer
just stopped. Kinda iffy, I gave them 10 more minutes. Looks like
no stock market today, I guess 'cause it's George Birthington's
wash day.

10:49 AM 2/16/2009: Spent about 10 minutes with the casserole
dishes and a brillo pad. Not good but better than it was when she
started with them. She'd got down under the sink cabinet and
found my brillo pad and threw it away again. I finally could reach
back in there far enough to coax the brillo box out with the tips
of my fingers. Washed the casserole dishes and everything else in
fresh hot dish water. Well, I'll have a clean ccountertop, at least
the part that's exposed and don't have crap setting on it all cleaned
and it will stay that way until she gets home. Folded the clothes.
Cleaned her ash trays and emptied her bathroom trash can.
I'll do the vacuum this afternoon. I've checked the news but I'll
surf around a little more now.

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PostSubject: cleaning day   Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:58 pm

I've laughed for 5 minutes in re to your house cleaning story. I paid a girl $30 this morning for less work than that.
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PostSubject: Re: Busy Day Today   Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:21 am

I got a hit and a miss. Supper was mostly leftovers and I used a paper
plate and a paper towel so just a fork dirty and I forgot to do the second
load of dishes and got a rebuke for that and then I quickly washed the
coffee pot and a fork.

Then back in the office she marched in and gave me an unexpected
commendation for cleaning my commode. I asked but still don't know
why she happened to raise my toilet seat.

No mention of me doing the vacuuming and she didn't even seem to
notice that the vacuum cleaner was out on the porch instead of in the
middle of the floor where she leaves it all weekend after she drags it
out on Friday. Go figure. How'd she miss that and find the clean

Looks real easy for today.

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PostSubject: Re: Busy Day Today   

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Busy Day Today
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